About Kewho Min

Kewho Min is a proud former New Yorker who has worked for some of the city’s biggest financial entities. As a licensed CPA, Kewho has held senior roles at investment funds and multinational corporations.

But Kewho’s experience isn’t limited to New York City. Specializing in consolidations, external reporting and technical accounting, as well as foreign currency accounting and consolidation accounting, Kewho has worked on both coasts of the United States and in the Netherlands. One of his more recent positions was with Jefferies Group, in which he served as Vice President and Corporate Controller. Analytical, thorough, and yet creative enough to find new solutions to old problems, Kewho Min has successfully managed dozens of accounting professionals and prepared company-wide financial statements.

As such a successful executive , Kewho possesses a wealth of career advice and wisdom. One of Kewho’s strongest convictions is the importance of self-motivation, self-discipline and hard work.

How Kewho Practices What He Preaches

Kewho believes that it’s important to motivate yourself at work. “When it comes to reaching success,” says Kewho, “there’s an incredible amount of hard work that’s required.” One of Kewho’s biggest motivators when it’s time to go the extra mile work and harder: setting clear goals.

“The first step is focusing on the end goal,” says Kewho Min. “When your goal is clear, it’s much easier to align your actions to meet that goal. That way, you’ll think of work as your own way of becoming who you want to be.”

Another huge part of being a hardworking go-getter? “Make sure your body is in working order,” says Kewho. Before you can really tackle a goal, he believes, you have to address any health issues and focus on treating your body well. That means getting enough sleep, exercising, keeping your stress level under control, and eating healthful foods. Kewho Min feels that if you’re doing all of those things and still find that you’re lethargic and have trouble getting things done, you might want to see a doctor to help you pinpoint a health problem that you might be overlooking.

As part of this approach, Kewho also champions the importance of cultivating healthy habits. “Rather than relying on your internal motivation to push you to work harder,” admonishes Kewho, “it’s better to automate your day so that you can count on your good habits.”

“When you have established productive habits, such as exercising first thing in the morning, you don’t have to make the decision to exercise every day—you’ve already built it in to your day.”—Kewho Min

One of Kewho’s Favorite Sayings: “No Pain, No Gain”

Kewho understands the importance of realizing that there’s no one way to achieve success. However, Kewho attests that no measure of success or achievement can be accomplished without some effort, and sometimes even pain, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship. Even though it’s a cliché, there’s a lot of truth to “no pain, no gain.”

Pushing forward can be a grueling process, but “sometimes it’s effective to reward and punish yourself to motivate yourself to accomplish certain tasks and meet certain goals,” explains Kewho. Call it incentivize yourself or practicing balance or self-care. But whatever term you use, Kewho Min believes this strategy to be a very useful and helpful way to push forward without burning out. For example, promise yourself you’ll do something fun, such as taking a walk with your family, as soon as you finish a project.

“And then, when the time comes and the project is completed,” says Kewho, “make sure that you thoroughly enjoy the guilt-free reward.”

Professionally, Kewho has achieved tremendous success throughout his career. Currently, Kewho serves as the vice president and controller of IBEX, where he is responsible for a variety of duties similar to his previous positions.

Outside of work, Kewho Min is heavily invested in a variety of hobbies and extra curricular activities. He enjoys spending time watching sports games, primarily football and baseball. He has an affinity for the New York Yankees and the Dallas Cowboys. In fact, he’s been to several Yankees games.

Although he does spend a great deal of time working, nothing is more important to Kewho than his family. Kewho enjoys spending time with them and bonding together.

He is also a major sports fan, and particularly enjoys the New York Yankees and the Dallas Cowboys. Kewho Min feels as though the Cowboys have a rare opportunity to become America’s Team again.

He hopes that this site will attract like-minded individuals and create a strong professional network.