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Cuban Cuisine in New York City

It may be the dead of Winter, but there’s always a way to create that sunny and warm feeling of Summer. One of the greatest ways to transport yourself around the world without moving an inch is through the magic of cuisine. And one culinary creator is looking to bring the sunshine and warmth of Cuba all the way to New York City. Ricardo Barreras is no stranger to bringing his winning Cuban flair to the streets of New York. After opening his Cuban cuisine-themed restaurant, Pilar Cuban Eatery, in 2010, Barreras is ready to make his menu a bit sweeter by opening up a bakery right next door.

New York City has always been a melting pot of culture, featuring a bevy of cuisines from a variety of cultures and ethnicities. And this Cuban bakery will be a much-welcomed addition to the lively neighborhood of Bed-Stuy. In Cuban culture, it’s very common to simply dine at your local restaurant, and then visit the next-door bakery for some delicious coffee and pastries. This is the exact same experience that Barreras is looking to bring to New Yorkers; which is precisely the reason why he decided to attach his bakery to his already-established restaurant.

Just like the diner, the bakery is designed to offer a Cuban flair that is sure to stick out against the gray and monotone colors of New York’s streets. With its pink walls and patterned floor, this is one bakery that you won’t be able to miss. While there will be a few seats available, the overall theme of the bakery is geared towards the “grab and go” style.

So, what can you expect to eat at Barreras’ Cuban bakery? Obviously, you can expect some of the Cuban staples; dishes like chicken empanadas and guava and cream cheese pastelitos are sure to draw in large crowds. However, while Barreras is keen on bringing a sense of nostalgia to his bakery with these classic Cuban dishes, he is also focused on taking these dishes and putting a contemporary spin on all of them. Primarily, he is looking to incorporate high-quality ingredients in all of these dishes, but Barreras is also flexing his creativity with some of these dishes. The red velvet cake with a cream cheese flan sounds absolutely delicious.

If you’re in the neighborhood and are looking for some authentic Cuban food, stop by Barreras’ restaurant and bakery, and you’ll be yearning for a trip to Cuba in no time.


These Apps Will Save You Money at the Grocery Store

When you go to the grocery store, you likely want to leave with spending as little money as possible. Fortunately, there are a few apps that you can use that will save money in a few different ways whether you’re planning your shopping trip at home or making last-minute decisions about what to purchase at the store.

Perhaps one of the most popular apps that can save you money and offer ways to earn money at the same time is Ibotta. You can get money back when you purchase a variety of items in the store and when you purchase items online. This app works in conjunction with thousands of companies across the country that include Target, Publix, and Walmart. All you have to do is look at the deals for the week before you shop. When you check out, upload your receipt to get all of the offers available. You can also link your store’s reward card to the app if you don’t want to use a paper receipt.

The app matches the deals from various circulars based on where you’re shopping at that week. There are often deals of at least 50 percent off some of the things that you purchase. Link the rewards cards that you have to the app before clipping the coupons that are offered by Flipp. You can receive updates from stores that you shop at and get notifications about deals that will soon expire.

Krazy Coupon Lady
There are dozens of coupons posted on the app each day that you can clip or add to store loyalty cards. Some of the offers are exclusive to certain stores, such as Walmart. You can also get tips for saving money while creating your shopping list before you go to the store.

Staff members give their suggestions about the best deals for dozens of stores. You can also get at least 25 percent back on store purchases. Notifications are sent to your device about sales and special promotions.

Coupons App 
This is an easy app to use that allows you to receive coupons right on your mobile device. You can look through the weekly sales ads for your favorite stores and customize the alerts that you get based on where you’re shopping that week.

Up-And-Coming American Industries

2019 is sure to offer a lucrative market for a variety of American industries in both commerce and infrastructure. With the great upswing of internet marketing on a global scale, the international and home-based business world has a whole new world of revenue at their fingertips. The following is a list of the top 3 industries projected to continue great economic and employment growth in the coming 2019 quarters.

Electronic Publishing
In the past decade, the newspaper and print markets have taken a huge dive in both employment and production. However, with the rise of the blogosphere and social media, the electronic publishing industry has boosted its popularity by over 170%. Therefore, the number of online publishers—-such as The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times—has more than doubled since the dip in the print media industry has begun. With the ever-growing online market (aka Millennials and Gen Z), the Electronic Publishing industry is sure to only climb in wealth and popularity.

Believe it or not, even with the rise of e-commerce, consumers still like to have actual tangible products in their hands, not just on screens. Shocker.

Breweries have taken full advantage of the online advertising market to make their sales skyrocket. However, there is an authenticity to the physical brewery shop that still offers major appeal to consumers. Coupling these two aspects, breweries have found a place in the hearts of their customers. The growing demand for craft beer has bolstered the employment rates in this industry, and the employment rates are sure to only grow as this lucrative industry does.

Mobile-Based Food Services
Companies like Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and even Starbucks Mobile have capitalized on the convenience element of shopping. In a world where people prefer to order their groceries and pick them up, mobile food service is a brilliant marketing strategy. By coupling a known brand with the needs of the target market, these companies have created an entirely new industry that brilliantly caters to the ever-changing needs of a new generation.


The ever-changing nature of the business world rests upon the shoulders of the growing need for internet marketing. As these industries stay current with the trends of the modern market, so too will their revenue, relevancy, and employment rates increase in 2019 and beyond.

Info on How to Invest

If you’re like most people, your lack of investing knowledge may be keeping you from putting your money to work for you. There’s no reason that you can’t learn as you invest, provided you move cautiously and don’t sink everything into a single investment. You can start by learning about the different types of investing accounts and what they can do for you.
Tradition and Roth IRA Accounts
These are retirement accounts that you can open for yourself and contribute to throughout the year, though the IRS establishes restrictions on how much you can contribute. If you’re under 50, you can contribute up to $5,500 a year traditional IRA, but those 50 and over can contribute up to $6,500 annually. This is pre-tax money and you won’t have to pay those taxes until you withdraw at retirement age. Alternatively, a Roth IRA has similar deposit restrictions, but contributions are made after taxes, which means you won’t have to pay taxes upon withdrawal.
529 College Savings Accounts
These programs vary from state to state, but the one stipulation that remains constant is that the funds must be used for educational purposes. Additionally, the funds must be used within a decade of the estimated college enrollment date. Check with your state to find out what tax benefits and other details are specific to the programs in your area.
Brokerage Accounts
You can open either a joint or individual brokerage account, which helps you save for something other than retirement. You contribute funds after taxes, which means you’ll only be taxed on the money you earn in the account. Since this isn’t a retirement account, there’s also no penalty for early withdrawal.
Employer-Matched 401(k) Accounts
This is another retirement option, but one only available through an employer. Typically, the employer will match up to 10% of your weekly contributions, which means you’re getting free money. The contributions you make are withdrawn from your pay before taxes, so you will owe those taxes upon withdrawal. Additionally, withdrawal before retirement age will subject you to penalties.
Savings Accounts
There are also traditional savings accounts. CDs (certificate of deposit), and money market accounts. With these types of accounts, it’s important to browse around for the accounts that offer the highest interest rates. In recent years, online banks have offered the most attractive interest rates, though withdrawing funds may be a little more complicated. These accounts are best for short-term savings or savings that you would like kept easily accessible.
This is a very brief overview to demonstrate the different ways in which you can invest your money. If you would like to learn more about a particular type of account, it may be worthwhile to consult an investment advisor. As you learn more about investing, you’ll be able to determine the best way to make your money grow for you.

Making Some Extra Money In 2019

While there are many online get-rich-quick scams, there are also plenty of legitimate ways to make extra money. A side hustle or good investment practices can provide extra income to pay the mortgage or even become a main income source. Anyone looking to make extra money going into 2019 should consider these options.

Freelance Work

Doing freelance work on the side has a number of advantages. It can give someone practical work experience that can help them find a job or perform better at their current job. It can allow someone to pursue a passion and open a business of their own. Sites such as Fiverr, Upwork and Craigslist allow freelancers to post services or bid on jobs. Aspiring freelancers will want to have their own websites too to showcase samples of their work and provide information to clients.

Sell Old Stuff

Most people have at least some things sitting around their house that they no longer really want. Take the time, then, to go through items, organize them and sell anything superfluous. This can be done online like on major sites such as eBay or via neighborhood garage sales. Old things in a basement that have been held onto can be worth more money than their owners often think. A seller should check the going prices for the item they wish to sell before they list it to set a fair price while still getting what the item is worth.

Write A Book 

A publishing contract with a traditional publisher is no longer needed to publish a book and start making money from the sales. Books can be published digitally as ebooks, as print-on-demand physical books or both. They can be in any genre or on any subject, from a non-fiction book about acing job interviews to an epic fantasy masterpiece. Writing a book can be a great experience in and of itself in addition to providing passive income once published.


Investing any extra money is a great way to both make more money and save for future major expenses, such as putting a child through college or preparing for retirement. Different types of stocks, bonds and buying into funds are all great ways to make extra money in 2019. Investments tend to return between 7-9% per year.

There are more options to make money on the side going into 2019 than ever before. Anyone who is interested should explore the options they have available to them. New, creative ideas of all kinds can also net extra money.

Easy Ways to Make a Budget and Stick To It

There is no question that budgeting will stand the test of time and is one financial aspect that is here to stay regardless of your stage of life, financial situation, or knowledge of how to manage a budget. It is one of the cornerstones of achieving financial success and maintaining financial health and freedom. The task of setting up a budget can seem more stressful than it is worth; however, once it is up and running it is an essential tool that can only help lead you to stability, success, and most importantly a lifestyle you can afford and learn to improve upon.

Financial experts across the globe recommend using the 50/30/20 rule when first tackling a budget. This means putting 50% of a paycheck to your needs, 30& to your wants, and 20% into your savings account. This is a simple way to look at your finances and establish exactly where your money should go and where changes need to occur.

Break Down How You Spend Your Paycheck

For the 50/30/20 rule to succeed you need to know exactly what percentage you are currently spending on your wants and needs and how much you are saving to make the most effective changes. Ask yourself if you need that expensive haircut or dinner out several times a week and find the areas of income you can change to make you more successful in the future.

Have a Goal for the Future

Budgeting ultimately fails because the budgeter does not see how the budget can move them towards their goals. Are you saving up to buy something or for school? Do you want to buy a house or move into a better apartment? All of these things require financial planning. Take stock of what is truly important for yourself now and also in the near future so you can ultimately plan and budget for those goals to achieve them faster and with less stress.

Save 50 Percent of Monthly (after tax) Income for Necessities

Your necessities are things like groceries, rent/mortgage, internet, and utility bills. Make a list of recurring monthly payments and keep a running total of expenses you anticipate each month. If you’re spending over the allotted 50 percent, find areas where you can make changes. Reduce your electric bill, find coupons for groceries, etc.

Have Fun with 30 Percent of Your Income

This is the fun part of your paycheck where you can treat yourself as much as that 30 percent will allow. These are expenses like drinks with friends, new shoes, Netflix subscription, etc. These are going to be different for everyone, but make sure to stay within your limits and use it as an opportunity to try new things and even find enjoyable free activities you and your friends can enjoy.

Plan Ahead with 20 Percent (or more) of Your Income

At the very least, 20 percent of your paycheck should go towards savings. If you have debt, such as car payments or school loans, these should be paid off more quickly to reduce how much interest you pay. Once your debts are paid off, build up your savings, account for emergency expenses and as a fund for your future goals. Once you become debt free and have built a decent savings balance, think about investing or starting a retirement fund.

Make the Necessary Changes

None of these things matter if you aren’t willing to make a change and stick to your budget. Remember that budgets are never set in stone and will constantly change as much as you do. Keep an eye on your spending and which categories your expenses fall under to stay within these guidelines. Record every purchase you make or track expenses with an app on your phone to make it easier. Once you get a firm grasp on juggling expenses where they belong managing money will become second nature and your financial situation can begin to flourish.

The Newest Innovative Apps from Freshbooks

In case you haven’t heard, Fresh Books is accounting software designed to make running a small business simpler, secure, and more effective. It allows its users to spend less time on paperwork and more time doing what they love the most running their business and wowing their customers. Fresh Books offers services and apps for all aspects of running a business from invoicing and time tracking to reporting and expenses.

With their newest updates, Fresh Books now offers over 70 more apps and integrations to their services. These apps solely focus on making life easier for the business owner regardless of whether you are just beginning or are an established small business. With the new integrations, more work can now be automated, which means more time focusing on customers and less time stressing over paperwork.

While Fresh Books offers a wide variety of apps that can simplify workflow, knowing which app is the best fit for your company can seem a little daunting when faced with so many options. To simplify matters and help you choose, here are a few of the best and most recommended apps the company now offers.

BookKeeper’s Express

This new app offers full-service accounting and bookkeeping for small and medium-sized businesses. This app removes the necessity to spend unnecessary time on day-to-day accounting tasks and comes with the support of financial specialists.


Meetup is a highly useful app that helps connect people with shared interests. It is also helpful when planning events and gaining a following in a selected niche. Companies can even create their own group and manage events from the app.


Artichoke is a platform designed for freelancers. It has features such as online booking, one-touch payments, progress notes, etc. This app makes it easier to simplify appointment-based businesses.


If managing mileage and expenses seems like a colossal task, look no further than Everlance. This app is designed to help freelancers track their business mileage and expenses all in one place in order to maximize tax deductions.  


AWeber is a marketing and automation tool that creates and enhanced customer-client relationships thereby expanding their business. The app makes it easy for business owners to create automated emails, launch sign up forms, and trigger emails based on subscribers’ interests.

There are many more apps such as WordPress, Magento, Podia, Solve, and Natero Pause that have been integrated into the new Fresh Books update. The company is committed to helping business owners grow a thriving business. With the incorporation of so many new apps that isn’t hard to believe. It seems as though Fresh Books is leading the way when it comes to enabling business owners to run their businesses more effectively in a stressfree manner.

How To Work Your Personal Finance In Your 20s

For young adults in their 20s, it can be challenging to understand how to manage personal finances and stay organized after entering the workforce. Some people may be underpaid or are have new bills to pay that they’re not familiar with, which can make it challenging to learn how to stay in control of your finances. If you want to obtain the right advice and get a proper start in your 20s, there are a few essential tips to follow to handle your money correctly.

Begin Investing

Many millennials have a fear of investing due to a lack of knowledge and the risk involved. After experiencing the recession in 2009, they’re afraid of putting any of their hard-earned money into the stock market. If you want to invest but aren’t sure where to start, begin with index funds, which allow you to withstand any negative market fluctuation. Consider it to be a long-term decision that will pay off over time than immediately.

Begin Planning for Retirement

It’s never too early to begin planning for retirement, which will require you to take advantage of a 401(k) plan through, especially if your employer matches the money that you put into the fund. You can also open a Roth IRA, SEP IRA, or a Traditional IRA.

Establish Credit

Building credit is necessary for the future when you’re ready to purchase a new car or buy a house. You’ll need to open a credit card and have discipline with using it. Consider using the credit card for utilities or bills to avoid accumulating debt over time. Make your payments are on time and avoid closing any of your accounts to ensure that you have a history of credit, which will boost your score. Avoid overusing your credit cards, which can harm your score.

Create a Specific Budget

You should follow a strict budget that allows you to have control of every dollar that you earn and determine how you want it to be spent. Your budget should also include miscellaneous expenses that are infrequent, which includes haircuts, oil changes, and gifts for family members or friends. You’ll also want to incorporate payments towards debt that you have into your budget to ensure that you can work towards becoming debt-free in the future.

The Most Important Goals In Small Business Accounting

In small business, proper accounting is essential to success. If you have great accounting strategies then you can put yourself in a position to succeed. Without them, you risk losing control of the financials of your business which will eventually lead to failure. So to help you get the most out of your company, here are the most important accounting goals for a small business.

Increase Efficiency

Efficiency is crucial in business. This is even more important if you have a smaller company. Large corporations can afford to be loss leaders or have processes that even lose them money. However, when you are still operating lean, being more efficient with proper reporting and communication lines will make or break your bottom line.

Get Organized

Organization should be a top priority for your small business accounting. Without organization, you can’t know which expenses, debits, or credits, are relevant to that moment. When you have a solid system to keep track of your finances, you are able to make better decisions and hand off reports to management so they don’t miss trends that could transform your company in the right direction.

Avoid Taxes Legally

The key word to understand here is avoid, not evade. Evading taxes is illegal by definition. However, there is nothing wrong with making sure that your company is not paying anymore than it has to under your local law. Of course, this may mean keeping better records and even seeking out a specialist in the area of tax accounting. However, this effort will be well worth it in the end.

Ensure that Income and Expense Goals are Met

Without revenue, you can’t grow your company. Of course, if you have all the revenue in the world but your expenses have grown so much that they outweigh it, you are left with zero profit. This can be a crucial problem. Good accounting means that you can make sure your goals are met with constant reporting that doesn’t sugarcoat any of the numbers.

When it comes to small business, you already have a lot on your plate. You need to ensure that sales, marketing, and customer relations are running on all cylinders. However, don’t ignore the important accounting goals above. Put them to use so your company can grow well into the future.

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