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How You Can Save Money When Traveling

Many people enjoy traveling. However, enjoyable sojourns have a tendency to cost significant amounts of money. However, individuals might save funds while traveling by practicing the following suggestions:

Consider Several Accommodations

If traveling on a limited budget, sojourners are encouraged to consider different accommodations. While establishments like motels and hostels might not be as grand as five-star hotels, such institutions are typically still clean, comfortable and, above all, much more affordable.

Dine At Locally Favored Establishments

Once reaching the destination in question, travelers are encouraged to dine at locally-favored eateries. Restaurants favored by the immediate residential population is likely more affordable and just as good as any tourist trap-based establishment.

Avoid Drinks And Desserts While Eating Out

Alcoholic beverages and desserts are often pricey anywhere a traveler sojourns. Local restaurant owners know these items are popular and price such items accordingly.

Purchase Groceries At Local Shops

Travelers can avoid eating out altogether by purchasing groceries at local stores. Since these establishments cater to local residents, the prices will likely be affordable to the average tourist. Moreover, preparing one’s own meals eliminates the need to spend money eating out.

Partake In Free Activities

Regardless of the destination, there will always be free activities travelers can partake in. For example, tourists need not go on expensive tours. Such individuals could venture out on their own and peruse through the a city, town or village on their own accord.

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How To Establish a Food Budget

Food is an essential part of any family budget. Because modern families spend so much time on the go, sometimes it is hard to reign in food costs due to sporadic meal planning and reliance on fast food. However, there are several different approaches that can be used to create a manageable food budget.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has found that most Americans spend just under 10% of their non-fixed income on food, and that amount is evenly split between food prepared at home and ready-to-eat food. This figure provides a good estimate that can be used to determine if household food spending lines up with national averages.

While knowing what most people spend on food is helpful, there may be certain circumstances that make individual food budgets difficult to compare to food budgets of households with less specialized food needs. In these types of circumstances, it may be necessary to track household food spending for a month or two to determine if there are opportunities available to reduce food spending.

Often times, just the act of analyzing food purchases highlights some clear areas of waste that can be alleviated with a little meal planning and preparation. In most cases, food is more economical when prepared at home. For this reason, cutting back on fast food and prepared meals is often a reliable way to save money in the food budget. Some people find that coordinating their purchases to coincide with sales or utilizing coupons helps them to save a significant amount of money on food.

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Money Mistakes That Everyone Makes

Efficient money management is a key skill. However, not all people execute this task effectively. In fact, many of us frequently make costly but avoidable mistakes such as:

Making Purchases One Cannot Afford

Everyone is guilty of purchasing a small ticket but expensive item from time to time. However, buying major luxuries one cannot yet afford could precipitate serious financial troubles. Financial experts suggest avoiding purchasing significant items such as homes and vehicles until the individuals in question have the assets necessary to pay for these items without incurring too much debt or sacrifice.

Living Off Credit Cards

Many people obtain numerous credit cards and accumulate significant balances on these accounts. Over time, paying down these accrued debts presents greater difficulties and might interfere with a cardholder’s ability to address other pertinent expenses. Financial advisors strongly discourage credit cards use to finance most or all expenses. Such professionals suggest that credit accounts should be used for only a few purposes such as emergency expenditures, obtaining and building credit, accruing reward points and for on occasional splurge.

Failing To Live Below One’s Means

On the contrary, many people experience financial difficulties because they live well above their means. Financial experts strongly advise everyone to live below their means. Attaining this goal means spending money on only pertinent expenses like food and bills. Unnecessary expenditures should be avoided at all costs.

Failing To Save Money

Granted, for individuals living on fixed incomes or a certain degree of expenses, saving money can present a challenge. That said, financial officials stress that saving money as early and often as possible is a crucial step to avoiding economic hardship. Savings need not always be pronounced. However, such action must be taken and performed consistently.

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How You Can Save Money When Filing Taxes

Everyone has to pay their fair share of taxes when they are earning an income. Tax revenues are used to provide public education, build infrastructure, and promote many services that are used by the public. However, taxes can be overwhelming at times and it can be disheartening to see how much of an income goes towards taxes. There are a variety of strategies that taxpayers can use to save money as they are filing their taxes. It is best to consult with an accountant prior to embarking on any tax-saving journeys, as accountants can provide the best legal tips for a person to save money based on their individual situation.

Make Donations
Donating is a great service that allows disadvantaged people to receive many things that they may need. Taxpayers who have eligible assets can donate securities to a charity through a fund. Depending on the fund used, the securities will be tax-deductible and will allow for deductions on a person’s adjusted gross income (AGI). The donations will prevent capital gains from being taxed from a person.

Harvest Losses
Realized losses from the sale of the security can be used to offset capital gains made from another investment. Depending on the strategies, larger realized losses can be utilized in future years for tax purposes. A taxpayer will need to match up similar losses and gains to one another to make the deductions eligible for use. Tax-loss harvesting is best used by investors who are already considering selling certain assets in order to make changes to their portfolios.

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The Senior Citizen Tax Form

Seniors will find it easier to file federal income tax forms for the 2019 tax year. The new form, courtesy of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), enables seniors to file their federal taxes more efficiently. Form 1040-SR consists of larger print and the elimination of shaded areas surrounding the boxes. The form will also include a Standard Deductions Chart. In 2018 and previous years, the tax form did not include a Standard Deductions Chart. Instead, seniors had to research their deductions in a separate pamphlet.

Many Seniors Will have a Chance to Pay their Taxes without any Difficulties

Form 1040-SR is still in the formative stages. The new senior tax filing form will emerge as a result of U.S. Congress legislation insisting that the IRS allow seniors to file their tax forms without needing to pay for an accountant. Many seniors wish to handle their financial affairs without any outside assistance. The form’s purpose is to cater to seniors who do not use computers and prefer filing traditional paper tax forms.

Form 1040-SR Offers Seniors a Better Way to File Tax Forms

Millions of senior taxpayers may benefit from the new tax form. The AARP has already endorsed the form. The new 1040-SR tax form is similar to the newly extinct 1040-EZ form. Seniors who have earnings from capital gains and dividends can use Form 1040-SR. Seniors receiving annuities, pensions and distributions from Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) will benefit from using the simplified form. Plus, seniors who take care of dependent children or grandchildren can take the child tax credit on Form 1040-SR.

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How To Prepare For A Recession

Can A Person Make Themselves Recession-proof?
With a tariff war developing, prices in the United States will probably rise soon. Because the United States has become so dependent on China for cheap products, tariffs against China will affect many consumer goods. This includes many toys, household products, and even some foods. Rising prices can quickly outpace earnings and force Americans to tighten their belts. How can the savvy consumer prepare for a possible recession?

What Not To Do
It is a good idea to stock up on necessary goods now so that the immediate impact of a recession on a family is reduced. It is not a good idea to go into debt buying up those items. This places a burden on a family’s budget right when they need to free up as much income as they can.

Maintaining a calm outlook during a recession improves the individual’s life during the uncertainty of financial downturns. Recessions can cause serious mental and physical health issues which may require medical attention. Stay healthy in mind and body, and fewer emergencies will surprise an individual.

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A Brief History
Central Park lies nearly right in the middle of Manhattan, New York. With millions of visitors on an annual basis, Central Park is one of the largest parks that New York has to offer. The park has an estimated 843 acres for people to enjoy between the hours of 6 a.m. and 1 a.m. Central Park was approved for construction in 1853 but didn’t reach completion until over two decades later in 1876. Over the course of its history, more attractions have continually been added to Central Park to satisfy the wide range of visitors that the park sees. Along with the Lasker Pool and Rink, the park also has a zoo, a carousel, basketball courts, soccer fields, and a mall. Central Park became a historic landmark in 1963.

Latest Upgrades
The Central Park Conservancy is responsible for the redesigning of Central Park. Recently, the organization released new information regarding the $150 million project that it will soon begin. The project will replace the Lasker Pool and Rink that has been in the park since 1966. The new design will not only fit better within the scheme of the park but, through the removal of the old structure, will also allow better water flow between the north and south sections of the park.

The current Lasker Pool and Rink will be torn down in favor of a pool that sits within a hill in that section of Central Park. As with previous years, the pool will be converted into an ice skating rink for the winter months. The Central Park Conservancy also is replacing components with more environmentally-friendly technology to reverse the damage done by the previous pool and skating rink design.

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Ever since Superstorm Sandy rocked the northeast in 2012, New Yorkers have tensed with bated breath at every tropical depression formed in the Atlantic. Meanwhile, summer heat is becoming so severe that the director of the NYC mayor’s office of recovery and resiliency Jainey Bavishi called it the new “silent killer” at MIT Technology Review’s EmTech conference last week.

Ms. Bavishi’s comments were part of a larger announcement, that the city has allocated $20 billion bolster its defenses against the onslaught of extreme weather. Among the improvement projects is a community lookout program for neighbors or designated caregivers check on vulnerable community members and look for signs of illness like heatstroke.

More traditional disaster preparedness plans include raising the ground level of coastal parks and buildings, implementing seawalls, or in some cases doing both. At least one park on the Lower East Side will be raised about eight feet, with the new seawall bordering the waterfront. The idea, says Bavishi, is to keep shoreline communities “livable” by hiding the wall and hopefully also improving public spaces.

Already underway is a project to paint New York City’s roofs white, which reduces electricity usage by up to 30% in the hotter months. According to Bavishi, the city has painted over 10 million square feet of roofing so far, with priority being the most at-risk communities. This is vital, as the mayor’s office expects “the number of days above 90 degrees to triple by the 2050s,” she said.

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Best Rooftop Bars in New York City

Kewho Min Rooftop

New York City is renowned for its dizzyingly-high skyscrapers and generally tall buildings. While the city is a treat on the street-level, it’s even more exquisite from the sky. And what better way is there to experience the city’s gorgeous skyline than with a few beers and your friends and family? With that in mind, I figured I would compile a list of rooftop bars scattered throughout NYC that offer great views and even greater refreshments.

The Fleur Room at The Moxy Chelsea

Located on the 35th floor of the Moxy Chelsea, this rooftop bar is, officially, the highest bar in the city. Unsurprisingly, the bar has a floral theme, so expect to become a certified botanist if you frequent this bar. In fact, the theme is so ingrained in the DNA of the bar, most of the drinks include actual flowers. And with retractable glass walls, you’ll be able to get a gorgeous view of the city at any time of the year.

Lemon’s Rooftop at Wythe Hotel

This rooftop bar is perfect for the summer months. With a heavy Italian-esque theme and atmosphere, Lemon’s provides a small Italian getaway within The Big Apple. Not only does the bar offer some of the world’s finest Italian wines, it also features delicious meals like calamari and tuna carpaccio, so you’ll really feel like you’re lost in the Italian countryside. And on those really hot days, why not chug down an ice-cold lemonade (spiked, of course)? Favolosa!

Good Behavior at Made Hotel

Probably the best part about Good Behavior is the fact that it’s something of a secret. It’s New York City, so not much is a secret here, and Good Behavior will still have plenty of patrons, but it’s still less crowded than any of the other bars on this list. Sporting tiki-themed drinks, and share-size cocktails, Good Behavior is a great place to have some fun with your friends and family. The bar also features an indoor and outdoor area, so you can enjoy the views and drinks all year round.


New York City is full of amazing places to make new friends and experiences. This is only a small handful of rooftop bars throughout the city. Make sure to do some research and explore as much as you can.

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